Oprah Winfrey is waiting for God’s sign for participation in presidential elections

dc75049c7a1e46b5cbf836b8b44e3779 - Oprah Winfrey is waiting for God's sign for participation in presidential elections

Oprah Winfrey will not register as a presidential candidate until they are of God himself, a sign that they should do it. “I have prayed and asked god for a sign. I have not had.”

The presenter was tipped as a presidential candidate after her bedankspeech during the Golden Globes. There, she won the Cecil B. DeMille Award. Her speech was for many people, moving and led to Winfrey, a lot of people was mentioned as a suitable president.

Winfrey had just after her speech, I have no idea how excited people were, she tells People. “I walked off stage with Reese (Witherspoon, ed.) and only thought: ‘that’s there’. It was only in the press area, I heard that everybody is talking about my speech.”

The presenter was then by quite a lot of people called her campaign or would like to sponsor. “They called me and offered billions. All those people that did this meant however, that I wondered whether I seriously had to consider.”


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