North Korea supplied components of chemical weapons to Syria, says UN

f65e65f86d75e665ccc62bc234f84b1c - North Korea supplied components of chemical weapons to Syria, says UN

The regime in North Korea has in recent years, components for chemical weapons delivered to Syria. That should be apparent from a study carried out by experts of the United Nations.

Between 2012 and 2017 resulted in Pyongyang for forty loads with components for chemical rockets to Syria, including corrosion-resistant valves, thermometers and acid-resistant tiles. Tiles which can be used for the construction of a plant where chemical weapons are produced.

In addition, it would also allow North Korean technicians have been spotted when they work performed in Syrian armories, which according to research is known to have chemical weapons are produced.

That everything should appear to be from different contracts between North Korean and Syrian companies and bills of lading that the special commission of inquiry in hands.


The leaked UN report, not yet made public but is already in the hands of several American media, is written by a panel of experts had to examine the extent to which North Korea adheres to the recently imposed UN sanctions. Those penalties came after the persistent rakettesten that the North Korean president Kim Jong-un in recent months had run.

The leak comes just at the time when the United States Syrian president Bashar al-Assad again of blaming chemical weapons against civilians. So in the battle for Eastern Ghouta, a suburb of Damascus, in a recent chlorine gas are used.

It is not clear whether the report at a later stage yet officially made public. The authors refused yesterday to respond to questions from the American media.

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