No new evidence of Russian Brexit-influence

c6978fefe80e33371267a100a4d30824 - No new evidence of Russian Brexit-influence

LONDON – Facebook has a British parliamentary committee to let you know that further investigation, no new evidence has been delivered for the Russian influence of the brexitreferendum via the platforms of social media. The British electorate voted in, in 2016, in a departure from the European Union.

Policy director Simon Milner of Facebook UK sent Wednesday a letter to the relevant Lagerhuiscommissie in which he says his company since mid-January has attempted to find clues for coordinated Russian activities around brexit that had not been previously discovered. That work has remained unsuccessful.

The experts examined both Facebookaccounts as the activities of many thousands of advertisers during the brexitcampagne. They found no other cases that point to Russian involvement than the few that had already been discovered.

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