New declaration against Weinstein with British police

b0e68bd589cfcdf64da335ff60131f35 - New declaration against Weinstein with British police

Again, a woman in Great Britain an official complaint against Harvey Weinstein filed for sexual abuse. It is the tenth that the British police has been reported as a victim of the American film producer.

Harvey Weinstein

The last complaint is about an incident in London, in the mid-nineties. This is being investigated by the department of abuse and zedenzaken of Scotland Yard. The case is added to the Weinstein-file under the code name Operation Kaguyak. The identity of the complainant is not made known.

In total, the women Weinstein of fifteen sexual crimes accused. Informs that Deadline on the basis of a statement from Scotland Yard. In addition to the cases in England is Weinstein in the United States by dozens of women accused of sexual harassment and abuse.

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