Mugshot Biggie Smalls under the hammer

ea550382c2fe7ea3ce80c3542982db89 - Mugshot Biggie Smalls under the hammer

Two photos that the police of The Notorious B. I. G. made after an arrest, are on sale on the online auction site Moments in Time. The current owner wants, according to the New York Post 36.000 dollars (30,000 euros) for two, mugshots, and a Biggie-written note.

The as Christopher Wallace born rapper was in 1994 or 1995 was arrested in a nightclub in New Jersey. One of the agents his papers kept on the desk, and asked for a signature for his 14-year-old sister. Instead, he got the two photos with a handwritten note on this Megan.

It is not the first time that someone has a good zakcent trying to earn money on memorabilia from the 1997 shot rapper: last year was the car in which Notorious B. I. G. was murdered on an auction offered for $ 1.5 million (1.2 million euros). The SUV stands there still for sale.

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