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Modigliani, dreamed target for counterfeiters

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Under a painting of Amedeo Modigliani reveals another: the portrait of an ex-lover, that, after the split repainted. Because there are so many fakes circulating, his work more and more in the lab investigated. Why is Modigliani so popular to spoof?

The repainted canvas is known as a Portrait of a girl, dates from 1917 and shows a young lady with clothes. In that period, painted by the Italian artist Amedeo Modigliani also …

The repainted canvas is known as a Portrait of a girl, dates from 1917 and shows a young lady with clothes. In that period, painted by the Italian artist Amedeo Modigliani namely also a whole series of nudes. In a röntgenscan that Tate Modern had to perform, was found under the surface layer (a different image is hidden. A portrait of another woman, again with a typical gerekte neck and long nose.

According to the curator of Tate Modern, it is not difficult to see the repainted female to identify. It is Beatrice Hastings, a free-spirited British writer who, at the time of the First world War was part of the Parisian art scene. She was the former lover and muse of Modigliani. It is suspected that the painter her after a stormy relationship of two years wegschilderde from his existence.

A fiery couple

“It is a hypothesis,” says curator Nancy Ireson to The Guardian, “but a attractive’. In a text this week, describes Tate the two as a ‘wild and rebellious torque’. Modigliani lived ” in a state of intoxication of absinthe, wine and hashish’ and ‘danced on tables, screamed Italian verses, and went overnight rampage in the Paris streets.’ A contemporary put Hastings down as a hysterica of nine o’clock in the morning already drunken wandering about’. The couple drank together, loved fervently and made a passionate argument.

Amedeo Modigliani was an Italian from Livorno, the son of a jewish merchant. After the bankruptcy of his father, he followed his mother, a Marseillaise, France. Since 1906 made the handsome, elegant and cultivated man impression in Paris. He went with Pablo Picasso and Constantin Brancusi. He had a short, but very fruitful career, which abruptly stopped when he in 1920, on his 35th died of tuberculosis.

A lot of support that he had during his life. His work sold barely and in 1917 was his only solo exhibition by the police stopped, because they are too many naked contained. In the winter of 1918-1919 sold the desperate artist are full atelierinboedel for a ridiculous hundred pounds.

Grateful (and easy) target

In loving quarters it is no secret that there are a lot of fakes of Modigliani in circulation. That was last summer, when in Genoa, an exhibition of early was halted. Of 21, almost one third of the whole exhibition, there was a presumption that the forgery went. Therefore, it is Modigliani’s work today, with a high priority are examined. Tate Modern, which still has until april 2, an exhibition around the Italian runs, it has several pieces to the lab. France, 27 paintings and three sculptures of Modigliani in france, start also a research programme.

Modigliani is a grateful target for counterfeiters. Who are attracted by the huge profit margins there to pick it up. Over the past years, saves Modigliani to the art market. The end of 2014, got his picture Tête 70 million dollars in New York. A year later, his Portrait of Paulette Jourdain 42.8 million dollars, twice as much as estimated. That same month, his Nu couché through the roof. It was the tenth piece of art that ever a amount with nine grades. Modigliani joined the select club of 100 million dollars, which also includes Picasso (with three works), Giacometti (three), Bacon, Warhol and Munch. Recently, Qi Baishi for the first time a Chinese artist on the list.

In addition, there is the style, which counterfeiters feasible. Modigliani works with fairly simple and well-organized compositions. There are often open areas released with little detailing. Sometimes his work is compared with the Cycladic art of a few millennia before Christ, with their oval left, big noses and little facial expression. It looks easy and therefore tempting to try.

No verkoopbewijzen

That Modigliani young and poor, died, without much exhibited and sold, is a wet dream for counterfeiters. The lack of documentation and verkoopbewijzen. The artist had at his death not a gallerist who could oversee his legacy. There was the myth of a productive artist, and for the rest a black hole to your heart’s content in diving. For convenient counterfeiters, there is an onset of a story ready that they can complete.

That there is disagreement among scientists, plays them in the map. Only after the Second world War is the examination of the work of Modigliani and started. Although there is initially no guidance was, there are now six books that claim to give an overview of the collected works. That of 1958, with an update in 1970, when the bible is considered to be. Also, it is assumed that he is meanwhile outdated. A new edition is in the works, announces that there are 78 extra work in.

Hopefully the museums his work is further examined. Who knows how many hidden women diving there yet.

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