Mila Kunis does not want to kiss with Ashton Kutcher Kiss Cam

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The couple was at a ijshockewedstrijd.

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher were by a camera caught, when they were in the audience to watch a hockey game in Los Angeles. The ‘Kiss Cam’ is notorious in ice hockey; the camera scans the audience looking for kissing couples. This time, the camera is the famous acteurskoppel.

Mila seemed shocked by the attention and began to laugh. Ashton made a show of by his lips to lick and his wife to hug. When the 40-year-old actor, however, a motion as made to reeds, returned to Mila. They proestte of laughter.

The couple was together with actress Elisha Cathbert in the contest. She plays together with Ashton in the tv series The Ranch. Her husband is ijshockeyer.

Ashton and Mila are huge sports fans, they are regular together with games to see. It is also not the first time that they are caught by the Kiss Cam. This happened two times before.

Nevertheless, the couple is not so very often more in the public to see. Since they are the parents of a daughter and a son. Recently told Mila that there are not more children come. She is happy as a mother of two.

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