Michael van der Plas, may of girlfriend one time in the week to step with friends

Michael van der Plas is very happy with his girlfriend Naomi. According to the realityster let his new friend in its “value”. “I may even one time in the week with the men on the step.”

In conversation with Private tells that he is not as the wind from the front, he gets to go on to the woman looks. “And the best part is just that they have a real mother is. When I see how they are with the kids, I can only be a happy man. She is the last piece of the puzzle.”

The children of Van der Plas (37) and his ex Samantha ‘Barbie’ de Jong (23) lived since a short time with their father in Spain. Together with Angelina (5), Milano (2) and his new 22-year-old girlfriend, is he really a “family”. “Each morning when I wake up, I see as my children, that is still the most beautiful thing there is. Then, they jump on the bed and the first thing they do is to me a big hug.”

Although the rise according to Van der Plas ‘strange’, his ex did in January, a suicide attempt and saw itself off from the care of her children to her own recovery to work, he finds it great for his children to have. “The first day I walked with the children across the street and there was really a burden from my shoulders. It really felt so. No stress more, but just a normal life again. I saw a Milano on the street running with a huge grin on his face. That did me so well. It feels safe, that she is now with me.”

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