Marie Verhulst has dream job to tackle

Marie Verhulst has dream job to tackle

Marie Verhulst see we are soon to be popping up in Boxing Stars, a new VTM programme in which for example each other will fight in the boxing ring. The daughter of Studio 100-boss Gert Verhulst will be boxing against Natalia. In the gym, they all had pity for the Ghost Rockers-an actress then known was made that they would have to fight against Natalia, but Marie remains hopeful.

All participants received 20 hours of professional boxing training. Marie Verhulst lost a whopping six pounds and grew a lot of muscles. Who knows, maybe Natalia will soon be discharged with a bloody nose, explains papa Gert Verhulst.

Gert Verhulst encouraged his daughter to participate in the program: “Come on Marie, you can!” But Valerie, the mother of Marie, had her doubts. She looks better on tv so they the battle can pause it if its too much.

Marie Verhulst tells All how they are the perfect mix between papa Jones and mama Valerie. Marie loves the television world as her father, but is also a real animal lover, like her mom. Those two worlds combine, wouldn’t that be the ultimate dream come true?

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