Lies, Temptation Island temptress, Yana?

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There is the past few weeks been a lot written about Temptation Island temptress Yana Daems. The 23-year-old beauty from Oostende got to say on his own initiative in Temptation Island because they are really bored would have, but the Tv Family lays the truth bare.

“She wanted that other temptress drown”, bloklettert the weekly magazine Wednesday. “Yana is lying, she had gone,” we read further on the cover. And then there would also be a question of ‘theft’ and ‘prostitution’. Inside the magazine we read on Wednesday the penalty story, fake news, according to Yana Daems but there is so much in Tv Family that there may be something of a must be true. An anonymous source told Tv Family that Yana Daems her bags needed to get the production. “She was in the clinch gone with a different seductress and demanded that that girl is only with her heart and not with the other verleidsters. That were allegedly false and jealous. When is the quantity explodes. By Yana’s gestook was difficult in a pleasant way tv. The production team then has the verleidsters addressed, following which it was decided that Yana had opkrassen”, we read in Tv Family. Oh, women are making themselves ever more often quarrel because they have a crush on the same man. But this was not just an innocent quarrel. “Yana had one night, drunk too much, got in a fierce debate embroiled with a temptress and held the head of that girl was so long under water in the pool that she almost drowned. When it was clear that action had to be. That was the final straw, Yana had to leave,” says an employee of Temptation Island Tv Family. In the magazine we read one unsavory story after the other. Yana would do anything to be in the attention, she wants to influencer, to be free of clothing to get and there are also stories in Tv Family about escortegirl Yana. That would even up to 270 euro per hour. Yana herself denies all the stories in the Tv Family. “All lies”, she says. “Listen, hey, with hand on heart: I am always correct!! Really, this is actually the first that I about it hear. Jealousy and envy, that is the yes! But I rise above it”, responding. According to Yana are all invented stories and on their own initiative from the program exited.

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