Kim Jong-un used a Brazilian passport to western countries to visit

314c06dd72222f890e74aeecf0db7ed7 - Kim Jong-un used a Brazilian passport to western countries to visit

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and his late father Kim Jong-il used in the nineties, fake Brazilian passports to go to the west to be able to travel. Reports that news agency Reuters, that for the first time, copies of those passports in hands got.

That the North Korean leaders and their family members wanted incognito to travel abroad, is no news. So lived Kim Jong-un as a teenager some years with an aunt in Switzerland, where he was the high school attended in Bern. And brother Kim Jong-nam, later disgraced by his family members and last year even killed, tried in may 2001 with a fake Dominican passport in Japan, say for a visit to Disneyland Tokyo.

But now, for the first time photos have surfaced of two false passports that Kim Jong-un and father Kim Jong-il for their trips used. The news agency Reuters got the copies of the Brazilian passports of employees of an unnamed European security.

On his Brazilian passport is the current North Korean leader through life as Josef Pwag, that of his father, published under the name of Ijong Tchoi. With facial recognition technology has been confirmed that the photos on the passports is indeed that of the North Korean dictators.


“The passports were used by foreign embassies visa, and then to the west to be able to travel,” says an anonymous source to Reuters. “This shows the wanderlust that is in the Kim family lives, but also possible that they always have an escape route.’

The Brazilian ministry of Foreign Affairs has in the meantime an investigation into the documents. It would go on to passes that are blank are sent to foreign consulates, to be completed. On the passports of Kim Jong-un and Kim Jong-il is a stamp from the Brazilian embassy in Prague.

The passports are then used to at least two western countries visa. Which countries that are, is not known.

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