Kevin Smith thanks fans for support

d4a0f77587bb7d4030e39db49234eaeb - Kevin Smith thanks fans for support

The director loved the response to his heart attack to read.

From his hospital bed has Kevin Smith thanks everyone for the beterschapswensen after his massive heart attack Sunday. The director placed a ten-minute video on Facebook Live, in which he also went on a tweet that Chris Pratt him sent, in which the actor a lot of criticism was given.

After Kevin Monday, had announced that he was in the hospital after an emergency surgery in which a build-up in his coronary artery was fixed, sent Chris him a tweet. “Kevin, we don’t know each other so well but I’ve been a fan since Clerks, and I pray for you, because I believe in the healing effect thereof.” The actor was a lot of criticism that praying doesn’t really add much in this type of cases.

The comments seemed to stem from a protest earlier this month, when the politicians their prayers sent to the victims of the shooting in Florida, while they are according to the critics, better busy could keep up with stricter arms legislation.

In his video said Kevin Chris just a nice message was sent, where people are not so busy to have to make. “Please, no arguing about that kind of stuff. It is a waste of your time,” says the director. He also mentioned that it is a beautiful experience was the reactions to his heart attack to read on social media. “It is as if you have your own eulogy reads. I could see what the reaction will be when I die, and it was all very sweet.”

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