Keith Richards advises Mick Jagger sterilization

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Mick Jagger was over a year ago at the age of 73 for the eighth time, father’s, and there it remains, if Keith Richards is, too. The guitarist will find his Rolling Stones colleague too old for fatherhood, and advises him in a sterilization.

Rocklegendes Keith Richards (l.) and Mick Jagger

“Mick is an old, horny bastard,” says Richards in an interview with Wall Street Journal Magazine. “It is time for the knipje, because you can at that age really don’t have a father. Those poor kids!”, the 74-year-old rocker.

The hate-hate relationship between the two Stones is legendary. In his autobiography, Life made Keith his companion also without scruples ridiculous. So he called it ’unbearable’ to be with Jagger in one band, and derided the ’small penis’ of the sex symbol.

Eight years later, Richards and still not regret his words. “Mick and I would get argument, regardless of what I’m saying in the book. And I have not said!”, says the guitarist. But he adds: “Mick and I live of this mutual struggle.”

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