“Justin is an Ajax boy and prefer to stay’

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AMSTERDAM – The negotiations between Justin Kluivert (18) and Ajax over a new contract are still in full swing. “The calls run correctly and there are no wrinkles in the water,” says Mino Raiola, the agent of Kluivert. “But I have a duty to very carefully deal with them.”

The negotiations between Justin Kluivert and Ajax are still in full swing.

Raiola will find it unfair that criticism descends on Kluivert, because until mid-2019 ongoing commitment has still not been renewed. “Those people should have their arrows on me to focus. Justin is an Ajax boy, with a large Ajax-heart and prefer to remain”, says the football agent, that, among others, also Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Paul Pogba guides.

“By the way are stories that my players never bijtekenen at Ajax crap. Which young player do I chose? Ouasim Bouy? That was eighteen, and wanted to not renew.”

That the discussions with Ajax take a long time, the Italian sense. “Justin, plays for Ajax at this time for a small contractje. And there is a lot of interest for him, exceptionally many and of the greatest clubs. That sounds you also need to take seriously, because we have here to do with one of the biggest talents in the world.”

However, the focus is, according to him, especially at Ajax. “There are over and over again several deals done. Yes, also until the summer of 2021. But about the content of the negotiations, I do no further notices. I think that calm and patience are very important factors.”

The son of Patrick Kluivert signed on his sixteenth the first contract according to the FIFA rules a maximum duration of three years was allowed to have. After he reached the age of eighteen, and he for a longer period of time should signs, said Ajax has the intention to extend. “But let’s not forget that Justin at the beginning of this season, no fixed basisspeler was,” says Raiola. The ball is now with Ajax.

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