Jörgen Developing and Robin Martens in It Takes 2

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Entertainer Jörgen Developing, EO-presenter Bert van Leeuwen and actress Robin Martens are a candidate in the third season of the RTL 4-show It Takes 2. Also presenter Marieke Elsinga and actor Leo Alkemade join up and let us hear what they are vocal in their house.

It Takes 2-presenters Jamai and Gordon

It Takes 2 is a zangshow where famous people with no or very little singing experience singing for an audience. The other participants that RTL 4 Wednesday confirmed his stylist Mika van Leeuwen, dj and presenter Eva Cleven, YouTuber Dionne Slagter and the Flemish host Evi Hanssen. It is the first time that a Belgian participant in the program will participate.

The series of seven weekly broadcasts will begin on Saturday, march 24. The presentation is again in the hands of Gordon and Jamai. The nine known participants in the first episode, linked to three professionals: Trijntje Oosterhuis, Romy Monteiro and Marcel Veenendaal from Di-rect. The musical elimination race begins a week later.

The jury consists again of Angela Groothuizen, Gerard Ekdom and rookie Ronnie Flex. They rate the performances with a number. A publieksjury determines who of the singers with the least points to go home will be sent and who will be the next week should return. Jan Versteegh won two years ago, the first series. Bibi Breijman came last year as the winner of the second season out of the bus.

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