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International Olympic Committee (IOC) to lift the suspension of Russia on

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) to lift the suspension of Russia. That was Wednesday, published three days after the end of the Olympic Winter games. During the Play, two Russian athletes, who took part under the neutral olympic flag, caught on the use of doping, but according to the IOC is that so about two individual cases.

“The SKIRT is again a full member of the international olympic family,” said ROK president Alexander Zhukov three days after the closing ceremony of the winter Olympics to news agency Interfax. A confirmation of the IOC is not yet.

Because of the doping scandal at the Olympic Winter games of 2014 in Sochi Russia was suspended during the Games in Pyeongchang, but in South Korea should there be 168 olympic athletes from Russia (OAR) in the competition act. Thereof, there were another two at the dopinglamp, sufficient for the Executive Committee to the suspension of Russia to maintain during the closing ceremony. Therefore, if Russian athletes are not under the own flag to the stadium entrance.

IOC president Thomas Bach made afterwards, however, immediately clear that the end of the Russian suspension there was bound to be, on condition that there is no new dopinggevallen more were recorded. “In that case, will the suspension of Russia automatically cancelled, without a new meeting of the IOC”, he left Sunday note.

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