ICT-teacher draws on the blackboard in the classroom without pcs

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How do you explain to 14 – and 15-year-olds how Microsoft Word works as they have never been on a pc worked, and no in the classroom? This Ghanaian ICT teacher in a drawing for six years long all on a chalk board.

“ICT lessons in Ghana is really funny. ICT on a chalk board that is than. I love my students, so I do everything to make them the subject matter, to help understand,’ wrote the 33-year-old teacher Richard appiah notes Akoto in the middle of February on his Facebook page. In his classroom in the Ghanaian village of Sekyedomase are no computers and pupils have insufficient financial resources to afford a computer to purchase. Akoto has a laptop, but that he uses during his classes because the syllabus focuses on learning to identify the parts of a computer, and mainly the system unit.

“If you have a charged laptop to bring to class, click the button and everything will start and work, then have the students learned nothing,” he says to Quartz Africa.

What Akoto on the board, draw, drawing students from, and this is the way they are during the written exam remember where all the buttons and icons. Last school year had just one of his students an a-score. ‘In the capital city of Ghana, Accra, succeed, many more students because you have someone who is already behind a computer has been, of course, can’t compare with someone that never one has used.’


The picture of the Ghanaian teacher on Facebook posted the was shared by a famous Ghanaian comedian with 140.000 followers. Then the ball started rolling: Microsoft Africa tweette on the image and promised to the school quickly to strengthen with pc’s. Reply Akoto that there are at least 50 computers are required for all students quality ICT training to be able to give.

In the meantime, hundreds of people the teacher a message is sent with the question of whether they have money can donate to computers in the classes to be and appeared the picture around the world on media platforms online.

The problem is that Akoto, as a teacher, experience, is not rare in Ghana. The free state schools in the country and packed with olympics news, making many Ghanaian families are forced to send their children to a private school to send. Who have very little financial resources, especially in the countryside.

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