Hitlerklok with the swastika is allowed to linger in German church

HERXHEIM AM BERG – A striking bell with swastika and the text ” All for the fatherland, Adolf Hitler may linger in the church of the German village of Herxheim am Berg. That the local council decided.

The last years came the Hitlerklok regularly in the news. So complained an organist in the church played on the inscription.

Since 1934 depends on the clock already in the church. Many villagers had until recently no idea that it is a so-called naziklok was.

’Hitler also did good things”

Mayor Ronald Becker of Herxheim am Berg had last year to resign when he the inscription on the church bell and Adolf Hitler had defended. Quoted Becker on television, a 95-year-old inhabitant of his village that said that Hitler is also remembered for the things that he has managed.

The protestant church had offered to make a new clock to buy. The city council, however, went to pull in.

Since september no longer riveted

Since Monday night was the bullet through the church. The Hitlerklok has, since september, in anticipation of the decision, not riveted in the German village.

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