Herman Brusselmans reaches milestone

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Herman Brusselmans, writes in a style which since 1982 is unique for Flanders. The writer has with “Party at the family Van de Velde” just received a new copy is released. However, Herman, in The Latest News that he can no longer write what he wants. At the time it was, according to him, freedom and happiness, while the words ‘cock’ or ‘pussy’ of him in this time, a seksist or pornographer. In the Netherlands, would according to him, all are worse than us and there is almost always that kind of fuss.
The scandal around #MeToo is still such a thing where Herman Brusselmans difficult. A crime must be for him, of course, be punished, but to whistle at a woman you hear according to the writer, certainly no penalties. Herman Brusselmans does indeed account with others and especially with muslims, please note that he is on, but about his love and aunt Sonja wants, he still a silly way to write.

The book is about the old Van de Velde, who is 85 years of age. His wife organises a party, to which relatives and only friends are invited. Another invité is a verrassingsgast, a famous man of whom father Van de Velde was a great admirer. If this guest arrives in the middle of the best functioning family Van de Velde, the dolls really dance.

“Party at the family Van de Velde”, Herman Brusselmans has 224 pages and was published by Prometheus. You can here your copy order.

Text: Nico Vanaken

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