Heracles-trainer Stegeman next season to get started at Go Ahead

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John Stegeman is the next season trainer of Go Ahead Eagles. The coach, whose contract with Heracles expires on Wednesday for two years signed to the club from the Jupiler League.

With his choice to Go Ahead, in 2017 relegated from the Premier league, Stegeman a step back, but he does have a good feeling with the transition.

“People who don’t know me find this might be a special move. I’m going on my feeling. That feeling says: Go Ahead is a wonderful challenge which I have dedicated people to work,” says Stegeman at the announcement of his appointment on the website of the number seventeen of the Jupiler League.

“Of course it’s currently a little less with the club, but there I am not for away. I choose don’t have to fast for the easiest way. When I as a coach was when Heracles was the team near the bottom. We, the staff, players and entire organization, went to work, and have step by step gotten better. Eventually, that beautiful things led.”

Ten years

Two weeks ago it was announced that the 41-year-old Stegeman and Heracles, after discussion after this season to go. He is almost four seasons as a coach in the Polman Stadium, where he ten years ago as the assistant began. In 2016, he led Heracles for the first time in the history of European football.

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