Hackers cracked systems German government

366c167fa61e48124f1b54b237b0347d - Hackers cracked systems German government

BERLIN – Foreign hackers have penetrated into protected networks of German government departments. That, say sources inside the security services against the news agency DPA. The hackers would be part of the group APT28, which is also known under the name of Fancy Bear.

The sources say that the German ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defence, the targets of the hackers. They seized allegedly data and left malicious software behind. The German security services would have already since the end of last year of the cyber attack to know.

APT28 is held responsible for cyberattacks on western targets if the U.s. Democratic party, NATO, the White House, the world anti-doping agency and the Research council for Safety, which is the disaster with flight MH17 will be explored. These are all organisations where Russia big trouble. Partly because of that, the computer hacker group associated with the Kremlin.

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