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Formula 1 launches own streaming service in 2018

d05e821d4a387d77d74ee6fcdc33613b - Formula 1 launches own streaming service in 2018

The Formula 1 has confirmed that it is in the course of 2018 a private streaming service will launch.

The presence of the Formula 1 increase on all kinds of digital media is one of the key interests of Liberty Media. In the course of this year, F1 is TV kept above the font, its own streaming service that in addition to the Formula 1 support series such as the Formula 2, GP3 and Porsche Supercup will be shown.

Subscribers will all of the sessions, like the press conferences and all kinds of exclusive content, live can follow behind their computer. In a later stage there will also be an app to follow that makes it possible to everything on your mobile devices to follow.

At the launch will F1 TV show in various countries such as Mexico, the United States, Germany, France and Belgium. The cost would be between eight and twelve dollars per month should go amounts, there is also a possibility of a one-year subscription rate will differ from region to region.

Frank Arthofer, Director of Digital and New Business’, describes it as follows:

“The launch of F1 TV is a milestone in the digitization of the sport. The subscriptions will be focused on our biggest fans, but at the same time, we hope a new audience. We should at all times stay focused on the things that are the best fit for our most ardent fans.”

“The purpose of F1 TV is simple: our fans are the best services offer live GP’s to view and them the best streaming experience in the world to offer. Our team and partners are solely thereon concentrated, not only in the launch but in the long term,” concludes Arthofer.

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