Fighting in East Ghouta by

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BEIRUT – Despite a by Russia and Syria proposed to file the fighting in the Syrian Eastern Ghouta. The Syrian Observatory for human Rights reported Wednesday that the Syrian army backed by militias territory has been conquered in the battles with the rebels.

Russia has proposed daily between 07.00 and 12.00 hours the weapons to let it rest for caregivers to give the opportunity to do their work and let people flights. Tuesday there was a short period of rest, but the battles are then resurfaced.

The government forces would be an area in the east of East Ghouta in the hands have gotten. The message was not confirmed by the military command, nor by the rebels.

’Support to defeat the terrorist threat’

The Russian minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov accused the rebels there Wednesday that the humanitarian assistance and evacuation of people to block. He did that during a meeting of the Council for human Rights of the UN. Lavrov said the Russia, Syria will continue supporting the defeat of the terrorist threat”.

Lavrov also called on the countries of the coalition under the US leadership on aid in the areas they control.

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