Fifteen years after Love Actually reveals Emma Thompson where love drama inspired

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It was a famous scene from Love Actually, where the actress Emma Thompson to the deceived woman plays, her tears uncontrollably let go when they discovered that the necklace that her husband bought, not for her but for another woman. The Daily Mail reveals why this scene was so real happened.

Emma Thompson

It is the moment in the film where the final until the woman penetrates: she is deceived. Now, fifteen years later, actress Emma Thompson reveals that she for this evocative scene is a painful source of inspiration: her own broken heart. The golden couple of British cinema, Emma and Kenneth Branagh, and went after eight years apart, when Branagh was having an affair began with Helena Bonham Carter.

“That scene has become so well known because everyone at times such a thing has experienced,” says the 58-year-old actress now. “My heart was completely broken by Ken. So I knew how it would be to have a necklace to find for me. It was not exactly the same, but the pain was the same.” Thompson was in 1987 on the set of the BBC drama Fortunes of War fell in love with Branagh (57), where the two are a newlywed couple played. Two years later, they married themselves and appeared together in several films. But in 1994 Branagh was having an affair started with Helena Bonham Carter, who was seven years younger than Thompson. A year later, she asked the divorce from her adulterous husband.

It is during an event where funds raised are for a theatre in North-West London, that Emma Thompson’s dramatic story to share. She also gets the #MeToo-protest. Once she has revealed that she is on her ninth forced a 45-year-old magician, kissing. Now she says that she also in her youth constantly advances of older men had to fend off. “As actors, we have a particular attractiveness, and in our industry is that something that is very dirty and seedy it can be.”

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