Father: “Neymar six to eight weeks off’

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SÃO PAULO – The Brazilian football player Neymar is about two months on the side and miss the return against Real Madrid in the eighth finals of the Champions League. That declared the father and also agent of the most expensive footballer in the world against the Brazilian arm of ESPN.

Neymar leaves by stretcher to the field

At Paris Saint-Germain they know already that they will be in the next games not on Neymar having to count, for six to eight weeks. Regardless of whether he need an operation or not,” said Neymar senior.

The 26-year-old Brazilian hit Sunday injured during the league game of PSG against Olympique Marseille. Research pointed out that Neymar is not only his right ankle has sprained, but that there is also a hairline is in a metatarsal. About the hersteltermijn and the question of whether Neymar to undergo an operation, run the stories diverge significantly.

Trainer Unai Emery let slip that Neymar might even be next week against Real Madrid already can join. The Spaniard did, perhaps, to his countrymen in Madrid a little in uncertainty. ,,We must have patience. There is a small chance that Neymar is available for Real,” said Emery Tuesday.

According to Neymar senior is that crap. ,,There is a very wrong impression. People start to say things about things they have no understanding of.” Wednesday in Paris, meetings take place between the medical staff of PSG, and the doctor of the Brazilian national team. ,,They will make the decision. The most important thing is that Neymar as well as possible fixes.”

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