Family-viewers express their displeasure

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The new storyline in the Family of Guido Van den Bossche, a gigolo makes is clearly not appreciated by the Family viewer. Especially the obscene language is put to the test.

In the Family is Guido, played by Vincent Banic, 10,000 euro offered to you by Griet (Andrea Croonenberghs) as he is with her for a wild night experience… But that is without Emma (Bab Buelens), the girlfriend of Guido counted. Viewers on social media loudly to hear what they of the language… “Go get them three times fuck ofwa?” is one of the sayings of Emma who is not loved.

Family is a… family programme and so look there also children to. There is, of course, a lot of understanding and compassion for Emma, but that they do have the word “fuck” in the mouth must take is not appreciated.

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