Emile Ratelband says that it is up to buddhism to repent

Emile Ratelband has converted to buddhism. The positiviteitsgoeroe has, for the past ten days in Thailand spent, where he by a hoofdmonnik was initiated in the religion.

“I’m now bald by the life. Tsjakka is over,” says Ratelband (68) to the AD.

The positiviteitsgoeroe visited Thailand to his friend, Erwin Smith. This challenged him to do a special meditation technique to learn.

Ratelband would now be certified to use this technique in Europe, something he plans to after his arrival in the Netherlands.

“It is a very energetic form of meditation, so that fits with me. A kind of self-hypnosis in the form of a breathing technique. People get into a trance, faint, and I am here even witness spontaneous healings. It is unbelievable what I am experiencing here,” said the guru.


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