Ellie Lust scores with politieshow

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The new NPO 1-program of police officer Ellie Lust is Tuesday, began with 1.4 million viewers. That it appears from the figures of Foundation for sight examination.

In Ellie on patrol runs the Amsterdam police spokeswoman along with foreign colleagues, to experience what she experience during the work. It is the first presentatieklus for Lust. Previously, she was already to be seen in, among others, Investigation requested, and as a participant in Wie is de mol?.

In addition, experienced some other programs their premiere on Tuesday night. The third season of trouwprogramma Married at first sight, with presenter Peter van der Vorst, started on RTL 4 with 953.000 viewers. The docuserie Five days inside of Beau van Erven Dorens went to start 920,000 interested parties. In addition, on RTL 5 the Worst driver of the Netherlands VIPS, with, among others, Henk Westbroek and Gerda Havertong as participants. There looked 751.000 people to.

Over 2.3 million people saw Tuesday, the NOS Journaal 20: 00 hours. This was the news the best viewed programme of the day.

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