Dieticians warn Cinderella-diet

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Amsterdam – Dietitians warn the world for the Cinderella challenge, or the Cinderella-diet.

From Japan music Cinderella-diet leading a new dangerous afslanktrend in

The goal is to lose weight until you are just such a waist as the Disney princess Cinderella.

The so-called Cinderella-diet is originally from Japan. On social media, especially on Twitter, is the challenge to lose weight and on the fairy-tale princess to seem to be very popular.

The ‘Cinderella’diet is determined on the basis of a formula, where the square of your height (in metres) is multiplied by 18. For example: if you 1m75 big, you get to a goal weight of 55 kilos.

And as you work toward a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 18 . A healthy BMI is between 18 and 25, but it is a problem if you are compulsive to a certain number hole work.

“BMI is a guideline, which mainly serves to exceptions or large to detect any changes,” explains dietician Sarah Mouha. “A bodybuilder with a BMI of 29 or a girl with a BMI of 17 is not, therefore, be unhealthy, the figure is more a guideline about when medical advice should ask.

Also a rapid change in BMI is of concern : if the hard drops of, for example, 25 to 20, that may be an indication that something is wrong. But it also says a BMI nothing about your lifestyle, your body shape, or how healthy you are, so it would also not be objective.

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