Daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger poses nude for PETA

d1b666c1834067ad2ce904c7c3823d8b - Daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger poses nude for PETA

For Ireland Baldwin is a desire come true. The 22-year-old model poses for the anti-bontorganisatie PETA. And just like her mother Kim Basinger years ago, Ireland nude on the picture. Only the text I d rather go naked than wear fur (“I am rather naked than I fur wear’) covered some parts of her body.

Ireland Baldwin

Ireland wanted for a very long time to the PETA campaign to participate. “I saw the photos of the campaign with my mother and I wanted that too. When I was a little girl, I wanted something for PETA to do. This is something my mother has her whole life to fight for and that I also try to do,” says the model.

“If you don’t know where fur comes from, research it, then. Fur is common. If you have your own dog is not felt and his skin attracts, then you have no fur to wear because all animals are equal. Save our animals, save our planet and to do the same as I, and PETA, and make conscious choices,” writes Ireland at the campagnefoto on Instagram.

It is not the first time that Ireland in the naked footsteps of her mother occurs. In 2016 posed the daughter of former showbizzkoppel Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger no clothes for the magazine Treats!. Mother Kim did her first naaktshoot at the age of 29 for Playboy.

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