‘Clueless’actress wants, Republican, member of parliament, be

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Stacey Dash as Dionne Davenport (left).

The film is now 23 years old, but is still one of the most famous comedies of the nineties: ‘Clueless’. In the leading roles: three spoiled teenage girls, among whom are included Dionne Davenport, played by Stacey Dash. That girl is now a woman of 51, with serious political ambitions.

Dash has her application submitted to the Republican parliament. That they are Republican-minded is, is no secret. In 2008, it supported them even Barack Obama, but by 2012 she was of the camp changed and supported them his opponent Mitt Romney.

After her glory days in Hollywood, with yet an entire tv series of ‘Clueless’, and between what is less prominent acting by, she went in 2014, in addition to work for the conservative Fox News, to they there last year was dismissed.

She left two years ago on Fox notice by the Oscars-boycott – led by Jada Pinkett Smith due to lack of diversity bright to criticize, just as separate awards such as the BET Awards and ‘black history month’. ‘This is ridiculous. We need to know what we want. Either we want segregation or integration.’ There she got quite hampered, but she was supported by no less than Donald Trump. Atypical for a hollywood star is Dash, an open Trump fan.

And now she is so into politics, with the slogan ‘Dash to DC. She wants to be in the ‘midterms’ in november the Republican candidate to Californiës 44th district to represent. Or they also effectively elected, will become remains to be seen: 83% of the votes went in that district to the Democrate Hillary Clinton in the presidential election two years ago.

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