Bus of The Line shows up in Syrian conflict zone

9cd5251cf2a0879982cf2e038e059fa0 - Bus of The Line shows up in Syrian conflict zone

A striking image from Syria: on the edge of Damascus is a bus of The Line parked. How that vehicle got there?

The photo was taken in Eastern Ghouta, the besieged rebellenenclave near the Syrian capital, Damascus. Tuesday, it was intended that there be a five-hour cease-fire would take effect. For that reason, they were buses turned on to civilians from the conflict zone to evacuate. One of the vehicles is known for: a bus of The Line.

But how does a Line-bus in Syria? That is also when the carrier is not entirely clear, although not able to see that an old bus there, pops. ‘Old, decommissioned vehicles are in most cases sold as scrap, ” explains spokeswoman Sonja Loos. “But in very exceptional cases is a bus sold to private individuals or organizations.”

After the sale, should the logo’s of The Line of the vehicle to be removed, but beyond that, the new owner is free to do what he or she wants. In many cases, is a bus used as a kind of mobile stand for medical teams at events such as sporting events or festivals, says Loos.

Still no help

So, it can also happen that an old bus of The Line pops up in a conflict zone for people to evacuate. The buses in East Ghouta could not leave. Despite the request of the Russian president vladimir Putin for a humanitarian file remains the Syrian regime, the area bombing.


It is not the first time that the buses from here will pop up in exotic places. So getting one in The Line every now and then a message about buses in Cuba or in African countries.

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