Bruce Willis is working on script for “die Hard 6”

acc7a30c183d9262abca5f3ce7d3e552 - Bruce Willis is working on script for "die Hard 6"

The American actor Bruce Willis, who are already five times as John McClane appeared, during “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” declared that the sixth part in the “die Hard”franchise in the making. In september had he and director Len Wiseman (“Live Free or die Hard” or die Hard 4.0) already confirmed that the sixth film “die Hard: Year One” would be called.

“I’m ready to go to California to leave and go see where the script seems to be,” said Willis. “So yes, it will happen.” “Die Hard: Year One” will be a oorsprongverhaal be having flashbacks to His days as a policeman in the seventies. For the role of a young McClane still need an actor to be found. “The right casting for this role is crucial, those bare feet have a pair of very large shoes to fill,” says Wiseman.

Willis himself will be temporarily heavy things can lift or stuntwerk able to perform for the film, since the 62-year-old is at the gym on the arm is injured. The actor is currently busy promoting the action film “Death Wish”, which Friday released in the US.

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