Brother terreurverdachte Abdeslam remains in cell

33ee58e32aef102c67c14a69d336d248 - Brother terreurverdachte Abdeslam remains in cell

BRUSSELS – The older brother of terreurverdachte Salah Abdeslam remains in the cell. The 31-year-old Mohamed was last week arrested for involvement in an attack on officials in the Brussels municipality of Molenbeek.

Mohamed Abdeslam

The chambers of the Brussels court extended the remand of him and a co-suspect with a month. The duo denies involvement, their lawyers had to have their release prompted because of the lack of evidence would be. They can still appeal.

In the attack in January, three officials under threat of a knife forced to 70,000 euros. They were on the way to a bank to make the deposit.

At the height of cash circulation

Mohamed Abdeslam has over ten years for the municipality of Molenbeek worked and was aware of the cash circulation. His brother Salah (28) is regarded as the only surviving terrorist from the attacks in Paris, france, in november 2015, 130 deaths.

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