British prime minister rejects European proposal for Northern Ireland

e9046c16d4e176f754f1ad3750e2e448 - British prime minister rejects European proposal for Northern Ireland

A European proposal on the border of Northern Ireland after the Brexit threat to the constitutional integrity of the United Kingdom. That the British prime minister said.

The Brexit can only succeed if Northern Ireland in the customs union remains, for instance, the European chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, in an important note which the British government have a clear choice places.

Theresa May says that any British prime minister, agree.

Barnier called on the United Kingdom during the performance of the note with an alternative. According to him, the proposal is not as a provocation intended, but includes the “concrete and realistic solutions” to a hard border between Northern Ireland (UK) and Ireland (EU) to avoid.

With the note threatening the Brexit negotiations again. Also the Uk government is no hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland, but the negotiators still have not found a way to make this principle workable. London wants, after all, the customs union, which the Irish border in a European external border.

The solution for Barnier, is that the border in the sea. In practice this means that Northern Ireland continues to be part of the European customs union. The EU sees the plan as the legal translation of the anglo-European agreement in december is closed.

In addition to May also find other Conservative Brexiteers that option unacceptable. According to them, the EU would, as Northern Ireland annexation, and the United Kingdom distribute.

Friday loves May again an important speech. The expectation is that she finally makes it clear what kind of trade deal they want to close with the EU.

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