Blaudzun will be on tour with string orchestra

e616d04f8248a25e633222fb688301f5 - Blaudzun will be on tour with string orchestra

Singer-songwriter Blaudzun is going next year as a guest musician, touring with the Amsterdam string orchestra Amsterdam Sinfonietta. In the series of concerts that are Wider than classic in January 2019 performances given by the entire country.


Singer and indie-pop artist Blaudzun broke in 2012 with his album Heavy Flowers. He then went to full houses and stood on the big festivals.

Wider than a classic is an annual series of concerts, where the orchestra enters a partnership with artists from outside the classical world. This year it was rapper Typhoon to guest and in previous years, among others, Rufus Wainwright, The Dyke and Patrick Watson.

The concerts are in Enschede, Rotterdam, Tilburg, Groningen, Utrecht and Zwolle. Tickets, beginning Thursday, through the website of the Sinfonietta to purchase.

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