Belgian woman ‘healing sex’ granted acquitted of the charge of fornication

A Belgian employee of a Dutch care clinic has been acquitted of sexual abuse of a patient. She was before the court in Rotterdam sued after the years of providing “healing sex”.

Against the 62-year-old M. was made by the Dutch Public Prosecutor’s office twelve months in prison is required, of which six are conditional. Reason: alleged abuse between 2008 and 2013 in healthcare The Neshoeve in Ridderkerke (later renamed to “Jedidja” and moved to Meerkerk). In the context of ‘therapy’ did M. E. (founder of the institution), sexual acts with a patient. They kept the 18-year-younger woman for that sex healing would work, and lured her with the supposed approval of God even to a swingers club.

But the Rotterdam court is of the opinion that there is no question of adultery. The impression was suspect that the client voluntarily to the sex part, according to the court. More even: ‘they saw each other as best friends’.

Still according to the court, it seems that M. the sexual acts performed ” under the influence of the co-suspect with whom she had a relationship’ referring to Of E. That man was previously convicted for sexual misconduct, and currently there is yet another ontuchtzaak against him.

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