Batman-producer Benjamin Melniker died at 104 years of age

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Film producer, Benjamin Melniker, known for the production of nearly three decades of Batman movies, died at 104 years of age. That hit Tuesday known.

Melniker died Monday in Roslyn Harbour, New York. His co-producer of Batman movies, Michael E. Uslan, described him on Facebook as a “legendary” figure in the entertainment industry.
Melniker began with MGM in 1939 and climbed in the company to vice-chairman and chairman of the filmselectiecomité of the studio, said Uslan.
The man, nicknamed the ‘MGM lion’ was because of the way he negotiated, closed deals for ‘Ben Hur’, ‘Doctor Zhivago’ and ‘2001: a space oddysey’. After the studio had left, he pressed his stamp on the modern pop culture together with Uslan.
In 1979 bought the film rights to DC Comics’ ‘Batman’strip. He was producer of Tim burton’s Batman debut in 1989, but also more recently of ‘Justice League’ from 2017, and other DC Comics movies in 2018.
Although he was involved in some of the biggest blockbusters of the past thirty years, remained Melniker still a “humble man”, said Usman. “He told me that he has all the stories, knew of what occurred behind the curtain of MGM in those times, but he never cases would reveal that these persons, their children or grandchildren in a negative way would be taken. Ben was a good man.”

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