American wapengigant stop sales to young people

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One of the largest retailers of sporting goods in the United States, Dick’s Sporting Goods, immediately stops the sale of semi-automatic assault weapons and sales to -21-year-olds. The company takes the decision in the aftermath of the shooting in a school in Florida in which 17 people were killed.

‘An action with a lot of symbolic value ” and “the strongest signal of corporate America,” describes The New York Times the recent decision by Dick’s Sporting Goods. One of the main sellers of weapons in the United States made known immediately to stop the sale of semi-automatic weapons. The company will also no weapons sell more to young people who are not yet 21 and retrieves drawers with a large capacity of the racks. They let the local law.

The decision comes two weeks after the deadly shooting at a school in Florida where the 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz seventeen people have been shot. Recently it became known that the shooter in november 2017 a weapon bought in Dick’s Sporting Goods. The company emphasizes that Cruz is a different weapon used during the shooting, but take be action.

According to Dick, ” can the American government does not offer sufficient guarantees to prevent the weapons falling into the wrong hands. ‘Enough is enough’, said ceo Edward Stack in a interview. “We have the by. We take a stand and hope that people interacting.’ The ceo stressed that the changes are permanent.

Earlier became known that several American companies for their cooperation to stop with the National Rifle Association (NRA). Delta and United Airlines, for example, two of America’s largest airlines, announced this weekend that they differ from the American gun lobby. Also, car rental companies, Hertz and Avis, computerbeveiligingsbedrijf Symantec, insurer MetLife and hotel group Wyndham names similar decisions.

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