Alec Baldwin gets talk show

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Alec Baldwin gets his own talk show on American television. The show starts this Sunday, immediately after the presentation of the Oscars.

The show is based on Alecs podcast on New York public radio. In the episode of this coming Sunday are Jerry Seinfeld and Kate McKinnon will be guest at the actor. According to ABC network, there will be weekly actors, comedians, politicians, and other nieuwsmakers join the Sundays With Alec Baldwin. Intention is that they be a little longer conversation than most talk shows is the case.

Although the first episode at that time is transmitted, it is not entirely clear whether the program is a late-night show’. Alec says in a statement: “I am excited about the show, and grateful to ABC because they give me an opportunity in what is, admittedly, a full market is.”

It is the second time that Alec Baldwin a talk show. In 2013 he made shortly Up Late With Alec Baldwin, which is about the same design as the now-announced program. The show was after five episodes of the tube removed.

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