Akon should be almost 165.000 dollars in arrears to pay rent

Akon, known for the hit song Smack That, would for months have failed to pay the rent of a room in the Empire State Building.

The singer and rapper used a space on the 66th floor for the activities surrounding his clothing line Aliaune Milano. He is the landlord now, more than 164.000 dollars guilty, is evident from rechtsdocumenten which, in the hands of TMZ.

In July 2012, He’s a rental contract, stating that he monthly $ 25,000 had to pay. He did this until July 2015, but failed then these payment duty. The fashion company of Akon, departed in January 2016 out of the building, which means that he is the payment of seven months ‘ rent has never met.

The housing association commenced proceedings against the artist, but who responded here never. Therefore, it is now in default of appearance granted, making the procedure despite track frequents absence yet conducted.


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