YouTuber Peter underwent extreme sports and eetregime

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YouTuber Peter underwent extreme sports and eetregime

Perfection is perfection is Wednesday, February 28, to see on YouTube. Photo: Ilya Meefout

,,Are you really happier with a perfect body that magazine – and Instagram-worthy?” That’s the question YouTuber Peter (o.a. Cinemates) is proposed. He was annoyed with the ‘schijnperfectie on social media and as research he went for three months to work with his body. By a tight sports-and nutrition plan, he knew the ‘perfect fitbody’ to match. But how realistic is it really for such a body to achieve?

The perfect body?

On Instagram you see it often enough. Perfect bodies of men and women with a six pack, white teeth and shiny hair. In some cases, there is mainly involves filters, photoshop and good light and sometimes helps the plastic surgeon a hand. But there are also people who are really training hard for the ‘perfect body’. In his documentary, the 24-year-old Peter (Peter Harder) to work themselves, to say that the heavily romanticised image to aspire to. His goal? In three months the perfect body to create.

Through various media outlets, young people have an influx of images of perfect bodies. Not surprising that young people increasingly uncertain. Peter was annoyed at the distorted image of a perfect body .,,Especially the whole young generation uses social media as a frame of reference. I want to make people aware and let them see that there is a faked image is created,” he tells Metro.

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Two times per day in the gym

While anyone with old&new, the oliebollen and appelflappen was, ‘enjoyed’ Peter of protein shakes and and pieces of chicken. For three months he has trained hard and on his diet given. He started with three times per week to train and the last couple of weeks he was two times per day (!) in the gym.

Enjoyed not eating

The many train was Peter that before he and his ‘challenge’ began already pretty tight in his sheet was not necessarily bad. ,,The training was not so hard, I’m still never completely broken. Mainly adjusting my diet was very difficult. At one point I was allowed no salt, no oils. Nothing was more delicious.”

On social media you see a lot of all images of happy-looking people. Peter felt less happy than ever. I am myself not really aggressive. But the last two weeks I was allowed no carbohydrates, my hormones were so out of balance I was just aggressive.” Also are Cinemates-colleague Kelvin noticed changes in the behaviour of his friend and business partner. During meetings, he was truly a different person, he was much less productive,” says Kelvin in the documentary.

Numb version of himself

Fortunately for Peter, the three months bikkelen over. For him it was an impossible task after his daily work as a director and YouTube also have a strict diet and training pattern to follow. ,,People do not realize that it is a skill that is to be seen. All of those many likes do not mean that you are also happier. I was during the workout, just a numb version of myself.”

No onderbroekenlolletje

The photo shoot is done and we are especially curious to find out what Peter as the first in his mouth has stopped after he return to normal if food. Pizza, ribs, ice cream, chocolate? Or perhaps everything at once?

,,That is still very much against it, because I was so extreme with diet am busy with, is the pleasure of eating has a little subsided.” Peter explains that it was for him mentally tough is suddenly normal to eat. He has a lot less meaning in all that fat and bad stuff because he the sin is to but everything. Training he still does, but less, because his body had to slow down. ,,No, in three months of training for a body as a onderbroekmodel, that is not something you do for fun.”

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