YouTube Logan Paul to earn money on vloggen

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The controversial vlogger Logan Paul has his income back. YouTube shows ads on the channel of the American, which again, makes money on his videos on the website. That confirmed a spokesperson from YouTube to Deadline.

Logan Paul

YouTube deleted on February 8, all of the ads from the channel, of Paul, after a video was posted in which he has a dead rat tasert. In another video he took a fish out of the water for a ’resuscitation’. Furthermore, Paul is accused of incitement to participation in the dangerous Tide Pod Challenge, in which people wasmiddelcapsules ingestion.

At the beginning of January went to Paul, that 16 million followers on YouTube, deep by the dust after he’s in a video the human body had shown a dead man who had hanged in a Japanese forest. The 22-year-old Paul deserves according to Us media about $ 1.2 million per month in ad revenues via YouTube.

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