“Women and girls in Syria are sexually exploited in exchange for emergency help

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Damascus – Local employees of the United Nations and international aid agencies in Syria women are sexually exploited in exchange for emergency aid. Reports that the British broadcaster BBC on Tuesday. Although there are three years ago would have been alerted to the abuse, according to a new report from the UN that the misconduct is not stopped.

A Syrian woman and her granddaughter in the refugee camp in Al-Hasakah, a town in the south of Syria.

The perpetrators would be men who, on behalf of international organisations in aid delivery. Syrian women and girls had with the social workers to get married to get food in exchange for sex, as is stated in the report. For all kinds of other things, such as getting a lift or other goods in addition to food, had sexual acts are performed.

According to the counsellors that the abuse by the British broadcaster reported, is the abuse so widespread that some Syrian women not to help centres dare to go because they are afraid that they in exchange for food, their bodies have to offer. The organizations would turn a blind eye because the deployment of local emergency responders is the only way the people in the Syrian war zones to provide help.

The UN says in a comment to the BBC a zero tolerance policy to implement when it comes to abuse and exploitation and are not aware of the abuses of partner organisations in Syria.

Minister Sigrid Kaag for development Cooperation said previously for fear that the next time more wrongdoing by international aid agencies on the light will come. In recent time, organizations like Oxfam International, Doctors without Borders (Msf), Plan International is already in the news because of sexual misconduct.

For Doctors without Borders, was last year’s worldwide 24 times a question of sexual abuse or misconduct. In seven cases, was the Dutch section is responsible, five people were dismissed. Worldwide were twenty people their jobs lost if they were to misbehave. Employees of Oxfam in Haiti were recently compromised because during the relief operation after the earthquake, young prostitutes hired for seksfeesten.

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