Wistful notes on the death of Mies Bouwman

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Dutch people react to sad on the death of tv icon Mies Bouwman. From the reactions is especially melancholy to the top. The tv presenter is described as a heroine and an example, but also as loving and kind.

With the death of Mies Bouwman is the “Queen of the Dutch tv died,” said prime minister Mark Rutte. “Loved because of her warm personality, but to the end, astute as always. The netherlands will miss her very much.”

Reacts presenter Henk Westbroek with “the solace for her survivors may be that they are the best host ever was. and very nice too”. Also, documentary filmmaker Michiel van Erp calls her “a very nice person”. Presenter Martijn Krabbé is full of praise on Twitter: “Really great Mies. You were a great example. But for me especially so sweet and always with so much interest. And you saw everything! I will terribly miss it.” Presenter Robert ten Brink, reacts, startled: “Thank you for a lifetime of inspiration and your sober view on our beautiful profession.”

“Rest in peace ms. Mies Bouwman. A great loss. And many more memories,” says screenwriter Frank Houtappels.

Presenter Cornald Maas was Mies Bouwman since his childhood, “his tv heroine”. He calls her “autonomous, witty, utterly themselves – even in times that that is not (yet) granted. Until the last involved in (the authenticity of) television”. Maas praises himself lucky that he had more than once met.

SBS6 presenter Gallyon van Vessem: ah, nice and sweet Mies. Grown up. RIP.

Singer Rob de Nijs, reacts, startled: “Hear that dear Mies Bouwman died. What a shock! “Also Linda de Mol is shocked, let her spokeswoman to know.

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