Vlogger Enzo Knol wants everything but arrogant’

15f674c3ce176a35e2ef5a09ee9c9a65 - Vlogger Enzo Knol wants everything but arrogant'

The dream of vlogger Enzo Knol is to hold on to what he has already achieved. “I actually can’t believe that I have a Porsche I have, and that is a good thing, otherwise I will be arrogant and that is the last thing I want.”

That he has a Porsche, millionaire, and a wax figure of himself at Madame Tussauds, for the 24-year-old no difference. He says he is ‘just himself’ to want to stay.

Tuber lives together with his girlfriend Demira (Dee) van der Zeeuw in Zeist. He has a manager has been hired for a little more time to spend with Van der Zeeuw, and to “find balance”.

Furthermore, the vlogger important that he is the good example to his fans. In VIVA , he talks extensively about how his life since his horrible childhood has changed. He has stopped smoking and drinking and wants are often young viewers to inspire. In his vlogs ensures Tuber sure that he positivity radiates: “There is already enough misery in the news, with me, people can just laugh.”

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