VIDEO – Celtic-captain shows real man

1244f6feda868041b7b01aadfa0a273e - VIDEO - Celtic-captain shows real man

Schwalbes and unnecessary blessurebehandelingen are commonplace in football, but Celtic-captain Scott Brown is another stroke player.

Scott Brown laughs at the tackles that he has to process.

The Scottish mannetjesputter got last weekend in the duel with Aberdeen all of the opportunity for a free kick, but the referee to the garden with a play is not up to the 32-year-old has spent.

Brown was within a few seconds two attacks process and got as icing on the cake, while he was lying on the ground, also have a ball racing against themselves under the influence (VIDEO).

The 55-times international, who will stop at Scotland, had, however, not chests. While the perpetrator of the second tackle red got, let Brown see that he has the correct wood is cut.

With a slogan and a cool pose, he was proud faces at the fans of Celtic, who have their team end up with 0-2 saw win.


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