U.S. measures against Cambodia

14dc0f3cab76160e04e4c2864e00da7f - U.S. measures against Cambodia

WASHINGTON – The United States screws out of discontent with their support back to the Cambodian authorities. The White House said that because of “recent setbacks” to democratic area.

The authorities in the Asian country act for quite some time hard on the opposition. Thus, disbanded the supreme court last year, the main opposition party, the CNRP. Because the opposition is offside, conquered ruling party CPP to say that last weekend, 58 of the 62 Senaatszetels.

The outcome of that election, in which politicians, the senators chose down well in Washington. The outcome would have little to do with the political wishes of the Cambodian population. The US decided utilities to suspend or to limit. This includes support to the army and the tax authorities.

The USA want so to ensure that “American taxpayers’ money is not used to anti-democratic behaviour support.” Washington morrelt not tools for the Cambodian healthcare system, farming or the clearing of land mines.

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