Trump chooses campaign manager for Trump 2020

cd173a7c33938108c146067ab63b53e8 - Trump chooses campaign manager for Trump 2020

The American president Donald Trump has digital-informatiestrateeg Brad Parscale was appointed campaign manager for the re-election of Trump in 2020.

The 42-year-old Parscale used to work for the Trump Organisation and came in 2016, the team of the former presidential candidate strengthen. He enjoys the full confidence of the family Trump. The next presidential election in the U.S. takes place over two years and eight months, on november 3, 2020.

Communicatiedirecteur Ryan Mahoney told the news channel ABC that the Grand Old Party ‘historic amounts of money has bijeengegaard as a preparation for the elections of mid-term losses of 2018 and the following presidential election in 2020″.

According to ABC paid the leadership of the Republican party since september, more than 37,000 dollars per month for office space in the Trump Tower.

Very early after his election showed the now 71-year-old Trump, there’s little doubt that he in 2020 itself wants to follow.

But before about the resident of the White House must be voted, must Trump Republicans in november this year mid-term losses to know to survive. Traditionally, loses the party of the incumbent president there seats. The Republicans hope despite their majority in both the House of Representatives and the Senate to preserve it.

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