Three VTM-guns in What A Year!

a120ef7aa7f75937126c7acbdbd3b1ac - Three VTM-guns in What A Year!

Koen Wauters, Nathalie Meskens and Jonas Van Geel will be this fall their talents together in the new VTM game show What a year!, a Flemish version of the Dutch succesprogramma Oh, what a year!. In the Flemish version takes Koen Wauters the presentation, Nathalie and Jonas are fixed teamcaptains.

Koen Wauters: “I’ve now in my life, the 50 is already achieved and so will most of the years from ‘What a year!’ consciously experienced. Nevertheless, it is useful to put the whole thing in good direction and that two ‘youngsters’ what in check. I’m still looking forward to having Jonas and Nathalie have a nice party to celebrate! Because that’s what this new program is to: a party!”

Nathalie Meskens: “What an honor that I a show can join in with these 2 crackers! I look forward to the pictures, because it is a wonderful combination of humor and entertainment, a new playground!”

Jonas Van Geel: “I have a lot of meaning in What a year! Together with Koen and Nathalie, so nice.”

“What a year!’ is best described as 50% quiz, 50% game show and 100% nostalgia. Each episode is devoted to one particular year. Is, for example, returned to 1969, 1973 and 1989, the year VTM commenced.
In each episode compete Nathalie and Jonas against each other, together with two well-known people that the year in question aware have experienced. The two teams have to answer questions about news, music, and sports, out of that particular year. What a Year! is a nice program full of music and film fragments from the old box. In addition, both the presenter and the guests like the decor, decorated as it is in that year the fashion was.

The production is in the hands of Lecter Media, even though the creators of the nostalgic kijkcijferhit: Greetings from. The original format comes from Talpa, the Netherlands.

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